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Ratings Chart

Self  Rating  Chart - USTA

2.0  -  This player had some lessons for 1 or 2 years but needs court experience. Stroke weakness, but feels comfortable with Singles, Doubles & Scoring.

2.5  -  This player has some dependable strokes but weak in court coverage. Has trouble keeping the ball in play with higher level players.
3.0  -  This player can place shots with moderate success, can sustain a slow rally. Lacks consistency in serving, service return, and volleys.

3.5  -  This player has depth and variety in shot selection and rarely double faults. Hits forehand & backhand volleys consistent & played for several years.

4.0  -  This player has dependable strokes with a variety of shots; Lobs, Overheads, Drops, Half Volleys, with Sound Footwork. Plays Tounaments with success.

4.5  -  This player has Power & Spin with consistency. Gets some aces on first serve, and places the second serve. Rushes the net and volley with success.

5.0 +  This player is a strong tounrament player, Collage or Open player in local events. Not quite a pro, and none to be found in the Morongo Basin.