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Our History

Morongo Basin Tennis Association had its modest beginning in 1993 when several area tennis players formed the Morongo Basin Tennis Club (MBTC). Their initial goal was to raise a little money, increase municipal awareness and partner with county and local municipalities to improve then maintain the conditions of the available public tennis courts in the Morongo Basin.

Between the years 1993 and 2000 MBTC participated in acquiring new tennis nets, wind screens and resurfacing some the public courts in Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms. As MBTC's membership grew we also developed social and competitive activities such as, tennis ladders, team play. MBTC volunteers also began offering tennis lessons for children. A critical turning point in the history of the club occurred in 2000 when Gideon Smith (retired military officer) took the helm. Gideon, transformed MBTC into the Morongo Basin Tennis Association (MBTA) as a 501 (3)(c) non-profit organization and became members of the Southern California Tennis Association (SCTA) and the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

Maintaining and developing further growth in tennis among our youth will continue to be a high priority for MBTA along with a rededicated effort to grow tennis for our adult and senior populations.
Morongo Basin Tennis Association: History & Organizational Information

The Morongo Basin Tennis Association (MBTA) is an all volunteer, 501 (c)(3), nonprofit Community Tennis Association (CTA) located about 35 miles NE of Palm Springs, CA, in the Morongo Basin of the Hi-Desert. The Basin consists of a group of small rural communities and covers an area of 5200 sq miles. The total population is about 60,000 including the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. There are eight public tennis courts (at three, small public parks) and two public high schools serving the area. The MBTA's youth and adult programs are conducted at these facilities with participants coming from all the communities.

Mission & Goals
The MBTA's mission is to build a tennis tradition for the youth and adults of the Morongo Basin where none existed before. Our goals are to conduct the USTA Pathway Programs year-round for youth and adults; to conduct Winning in Tennis - Leadership - Life for youth; to manage, coach and fund the high school boys' tennis teams; to actively support improvement of public tennis facilities; to provide other opportunities fun tennis competition through tournaments and exhibitions.

The MBTA was founded in 1993 as a tennis social club; became a CTA in 2000 with our first USTA program, USA Tennis 1-2-3 (Kids), and incorporated in 2004. Since our first USTA program in 2000, there has been spectacular growth and accomplishment. For example, in 2004/2005: start up of a high school boys' tennis team (none had existed before in this area), USA Team Tennis (Youth) for 150 kids, Family Tennis Carnivals (May & Oct.), summer youth camps (last two weeks in June), National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) year-round, USA Tennis 1-2-3 (Adult), Friday Night Teen Tennis in the summer, Adult Team Tennis (60), Winning in Tennis - Leadership - Life (two classes), USA School Tennis in thirteen elementary/middle schools, tennis camps for girls' high school team, 2nd season boys' high school team, and two Adopt-a-Court Projects completed.

Adopt-a-Court Projects
Four completed: (Yucca Valley High School-2, Twentynine Palms High School-1, Sunburst Park, Joshua Tree-1). Tennis-in-the-Park Projects: two funded at Jacobs Park, Yucca Valley. Repair/resurfacing of the tennis courts at Jacobs Park was completed July 19, 2007.  The tennis backboard was completed in 2009.

Life-Skills & Tennis
Winning in Tennis - Leadership - Life is an innovative 12-week, life-skills and athletic program for youth developed in Yucca Valley, CA, and presented annually since 2004.  In 2011/12 the program received national recognition by the USTA.